Yes, it is true! The Loveys performed 6 shows at the infamous Woodford Folk Festival…….a wonderful festival behind the Sunshine Coast, Qld. We had carefully prepared our camping entourage and set off on Boxing Day to set up camp- not really knowing what to expect of the week ahead. With a little help from some friends, we were all set up by the afternoon with costumes hanging in the costume tent, stove all set up, gas fridges struggling into life and shade cloths in as many spots as possible- this is a hot time of year in Woodford! Our excitement built as we wandered around Woodfordia on that first night, what a place it is for musicians and their fans!!!

The days spun by with afternoon, lunchtime, evening shows day after day-  instruments to store, collect, store, collect….costumes to choose, sound engineers to convince,  shows to perform…..careful to stay out of the intense heat of the middle of the days, but joyful to have wonderful audiences who followed us everywhere! 

We were overjoyed to have reached such a great pinnacle for our little band- we know we created a ripple of surprised approval amongst a large crowd of discerning festival-goers. 

All of us have arrived home quite happily exhausted ready for anything that we might be asked to do in the coming year…but first it is a bit more recording of our Daddy song and time spent rehearsing new songs waiting in the Loveys’ wings….what will they be about??? Stay tuned!!

Janet Swain