We have recently been asked to write some of our song lyrics for people to read. Over the next weeks I will do just this- we are all songwriters, so it might take a while!!

GREAT BEING OLD. Jenny Parenteau

It’s great being old

Nothing left to prove

You can be yourself

If you’re in the mood

Think I’ll write a list

Of things I want to do

Then I’ll screw it up

And throw it down the loo

No-one gives a damn

‘Bout the colour of my hair

or the size on my thighs

and my large derriere!

I love to see my jewellery

Dripping off my bod

All kinds of jangles

Looking kinda odd

Life’s just full of wonder

I wonder if I can

Make it up the staircase

Can you give me a hand??

I love my osteoporosis

It’s helped to slow me down

And I just love the way

I slop things on my gown

But hey- don’t take it lightly

How lucky that I am

Still here to sing 

This wistful little rhyme

Retirement retirement retirement

It’s coming to a place near you!

It’s an old age requirement

Roll up and read the review!

It’s great being old

Nothing left to prove

You can play your Uke

If you’re in the mood

I was pondering old age once more when I wrote this- and had been working with children (in an international school in Qatar) to write a simple song- after the class I ‘stole’ the chords and melody and up came this little song of my own. The jewellery dripping off my bod is my dear old mother who used to put all of her jewellery on every day in her nursing home.... The reference to osteoporosis is actually true- and the idea of being lucky to still be here, is of course a reference to the cancer journey I had already been on- I was not to know that I was still on it when I wrote this…so I am doubly lucky to still be here to sing this wistful song…

I love performing this song with The Loveys - they add beautiful harmonies and a delicate arrangement that brings a simple melody to life.

Janet Swain