(Have I) Left it Too Late 

Have  I left it too late?  Did I blunder along? 

Wastin my time, Doin things wrong

 I should have been famous  

 I could have been huge 

  But I took the wrong path and mispent my youth

 Have  I left it too late?  The years have fled by

Septuagenarian artists are not rated high

 I would have been famous,                                                                                                          

 I would have been great                     

Instead I got married and sealed my fate 

Jump jump jump into the net 

and it will catch you (catch you)

Jump,  jump, jump and you will survive

Jump, jump, jump, your soul will thank you 

Creating is the way to stay alive!

I just left it too late I’m telling you now

Don’t hesitate or procrastinate

You will be happy

You will be great

Don’t mess around now Don’t leave it too late


Don’t leave it so late ,Don’t leave it too late 

Its not too bloody late, its never too late

 Your heart will fill up  

your life will change

Go on and do it  Just one leap of faith                             

Go on and do it  Just one leap of faith 

I wrote this song when I reached the grand old age of 70. I had threatened my friends to dare not to throw me a surprise birthday at this milestone or I would kill them all!! So it was on my mind that I only had several more years in which to kick up my heels and show my world and myself all of the talents I carried in this lifetime. I thought about all of the energy I had put into a huge, successful working life and I was wondering what would have been if I had made other choices - especially the choice to become a dancer/performer/singer at a young age instead of a general classroom teacher . I am sure I would have been successful at that as well.  The term Septuagenarian Artist really struck a chord with me and I thought about all of us who have stepped into this place, carrying our talents but mostly unable to use them all. 

So these words are straight from my heart- I could have been famous- and here I am trying to finish the job of seeing what I am capable of, just in time before I leave this planet. What a thought!!

I was wondering how to arrange this piece, having written the lyrics. I wanted a latin feel  but was also thinking of a bluesy kind of feel. Someone said to me ‘Why don’t you do both??’ So here it is, a minor blues with a latin feel- I actually stole some of the chord progression from a Samba piece I was trying to learn in our folk orchestra.

Janet Swain