I’m looking for a man. Any age will do

As long as he is  kind

And tall and handsome too

He needs to be ready

He needs to be free

Im lookin for a man

Any man will do

Im looking for a man

A free and happy dancer

The tango would be nice

A poet or a singer

A sweet and gorgeous lover

A straight and sexy winner!

I need me a man

Any age will do

As for me, Im a catch

The perfect match

For you, or for you, or for you

I can dance, I can sing

I can make your heart ring

oh you, or you, and you!

I’m looking for a man

Who's not lookin for a man

Who’ll make me apricot jam

Who's not a one night stand

Don't want a cast off

I’m not picking up the slack

Im looking for a man,,

Any man will do!

Rsvp, eharmony

Is tinder the place to be?

Speed date, Table for Eight

I think I’ll just leave it up to fate

If it’s not too late (to get you laid)

I’m lookin for a man

A French President will do

Suave and debonair

Healthy head of hair

Private lear jet

My every need met

I’m lookin for a man

Could that be you? or you, or you, or you?

oooh lala la  oooh


I wrote this song as an exercise in a songwriting class…I had been on my own for three years and was wondering what I would say on a dating site if I ever had the courage to go on one! I actually don’t mind my own company but I do miss having someone to talk to about my innermost thoughts. After arranging this with the loveys and taking advice on changing some of the lyrics, I finally decided to be brave and sing this to our audiences- so far not one man has stepped forward to perhaps answer the call- I am imagining it might be very daunting to have a 72 year old performing woman all dressed up like a New York fashionista with a ukulele in her hand and a rather huge hat on her head to be at all approachable. But then the man for me will have to be able to see through all of this to my sweet insides. It immediately felt like a blues but I wasn’t happy with the rather monotonous blues feel all the way through so I experimented with a 6/8 rhythm for the bridge parts- it works really well. Then a key change at the end makes it even more interesting- I am really enjoying singing this song with my band who try to get me laid in the last verse!

You never know-- one day— JenJen

Janet Swain