My man brings me flowers

My man walks the dog

My man bakes the brownies     

Surfs the waves, mows the lawn 

My man castrates poddy calves

My man earns the cash

My man checks the plumbing 

Folds the undies ,worms the cat


Every seven seconds, every seven seconds, every seven (x4)

There's an interesting fact Scientists say

That men think about SEX in a different way!

There's an idea, an urge         

A kind of a surge that

whispers come what may!

Every 7 Seconds….


What does this mean 

To the average bloke?

As it twists and turns in his brain?

Can he sCan he push it back down?

Can he stand it alone?

Or is he driven insane?

Every 7 Seconds…..

Here’s the reason for my story

On your wedding day

if he makes eyes at the barman

He might turn out to be gay


Was born from the grief of finally realising that my marriage had to be over and there was nothing I could do about it other than continually living with my beloved who was either bisexual or gay. ... after 23 years of marriage. I was trying to understand why a marriage had to end because of sexual urges that did not fit into our previously heterosexual world. I think my question to the counsellor was: ‘ why is sex such a strong drive/need that it would drive you to leave a beautiful family, a loving household, a son and a wife in order to find yourself....? My counselor was trying to explain to me how consumed human beings are by our sexual selves and how men are different to women in that regard, the fact is that men have more sexual urges anyway than women- indeed every seven seconds a sexual thought enters their minds.... 

I came out of that session with the words ‘“every seven seconds, every seven seconds every seven”..... it stayed with me until I took my idea to the girls in my band. At first they thought I was being too down on men- and we took out some of the more painful lyrics and smoothed them off a bit- by putting parts of all of our husbands in there, which made it more gentle. At first and for quite a while I found this song hard to sing because of the grief associated with it- but now it feels like a strong healing mechanism each time I perform it. I have had more than one woman in the audience nod to me in sisterhood- we tend to stay in the cupboard with our husbands for quite some time after the big reveal!!. I need to add that my husband helped me write the last lines in this song- so , yes, he has heard me sing it….

Janet Swain