Nanga Music Festival, Perth October 2018

What a delightful festival this is!! We headed for Perth not really knowing what we were in store for. As we gathered in Freemantle after Janet’s arrival from Paris, we imagined an unknown bush camp ahead of us. From the moment we climbed onto our little bus, we were delighted with the warmth and excitement of other performers, including the wonderful JoJo Smith!! Our little roundhouse in the bush was soon filled with shared music and swapped stories..

The delight of Nanga is the added bonus of being on a camp with the audience sharing meals as well as music. We loved every moment of our time there, doing two sets for a beautiful audience, and managing to teach Janet’s new song to all of the musicians in our house- so that we were able to perform it in a joint session on the last night of camp. The Loveys actually got to sing Old Age with The Lost Quays in perfect harmony!! What a treat!!

We must mention that the highlight of our performances was Paul who danced in front of us during our Looking for a Man song- how hilarious it was (and well danced!).

Oct 14.jpg
Janet Swain