CD final takes June

As you can imagine, producing a CD is a huge undertaking. The recording alone takes time, patience, revision, discussion - and a huge amount of trust that our recording engineer is making good decisions for a quality product that we can confidently sell to our wonderful audiences. Then there is the design of a cover, choice of a name, registering of songs and actually getting our final product in our hands for all to hear. Kamal Engels from Sound of Audio has been fantastic - we chose well!! We are so pleased with his work that we are going back into the studio as soon as we can to continue adding more songs for future CDs!! The day of our first little pre launch was the day our packages arrived from Brisbane!! Whew. We had invited the Neighbourly Ukes (our greatest fans) to a little house concert so that we could thank them for supporting us so well . Of course, we also invited them all to perform at this concert and I must say they just blew us away!! 

Sept 4.jpg
Janet Swain