The Loveys say Goodbye to Sue

We started this wonderful musical project with 7 members. All of us were living in or near Mullumbimby and we met weekly where possible to just enjoy sharing songs and ideas and ukelele tips and vocal acrobatics- just for fun. We soon discovered that we had a few really good songwriters amongst us- Sue Stenning was already pursuing her solo career with great success. We were very excited to be able to sing her wonderful songs and she was generous enough to allow us to add some vocal harmonies. Jenny Parenteau also brought some of her quirky songs along and we began busking here and there in Mullumbimby. As we started to explore some musical possibilities we discovered that Janet Swain was not only a talented choir director, but also had a bassoon under her bed- which she hadn't played for years and years!! Belinda Eadsforth soon showed her musical talent as well as Madeline Liddy who picked up a ubass just for the fun of it,. Alex brought out her banjo and Magenta joined in with her uke and her fashion flare and The Loveys were formed! Over the years we have reformed from 7 to 6 to 5 until this year when Sue was needed in Sydney by 2 gorgeous babies - her first grandchildren. Although she was trying to travel up and back as often as she could, we had to say goodbye to her. We know that she will be continuing her musical journey successfully- and we love to be able to still sing her wonderful songs in our sets. 

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Janet Swain